Solarwinds SDK script unmanage nodes

Solarwinds offers a Powershell SDK to manipulate nodes programmatically. The Solarwinds SDK can be downloaded here.

I have created a demonstration script will unmanage a node for 2 hours so that maintenance can be performed on the node.

Setup connection to Solarwinds application server.

$secpasswd = ConvertTo-SecureString "password" -AsPlainText -Force
$mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential("LAB\username01", $secpasswd)

Search for the node named ‘’ and set the node as unmanaged for 2 hours. This is very useful if you have planned maintenance which happens once per week and want to programmatically unmanage a node each week.

$swis = Connect-Swis -Hostname -Credential $mycreds
$uris = Get-SwisData $swis "SELECT Uri FROM Orion.Nodes where Caption=''"
$uris | ForEach-Object { Set-SwisObject $swis $_ @{Status=9;Unmanaged=$true;UnmanageFrom=[DateTime]::UtcNow;UnmanageUntil=[DateTime]::UtcNow.AddHours(2)} }